This is how beautiful it can be in the area of Sisjön

These pictures are actually from this fall but I wanted to show them to you anyway. They are taken around one of our regular walks in Sisjön. If you park your car at or take the bus to Askims Svartmosse (the bus stop is called that aswell) and walk straight ahead towards the lake you will come to a crossing where you can choose which route you want to take. There are several routs in different lengths and if you take a right in this crossing you get to the lighted route where some of these pictures are taken. Since it is a lighted route there are alot of people jogging there so be aware.
If you want to walk around the lake (2,5 km) you take a left or continue straight forward in the crossing. If you want to take a longer route (I think it's about 8 km but will double check next time!) you can go straight forward and walk about half the way around Sisjön and then take a right where the signs say Oxsjön. So you walk halfway around Sisjön, then all the way around Oxsjön and come back and walk the other half of Sisjön. Oxsjön is really beautiful so bring fika or lunch so that you can take a break and enjoy the view!